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01Ultra-thin glass cutting machine

This CNC ultra-thin glass cutting machine is used for the cutting of ultra-thin glass,Suitable for cutting ultra-thin glass, such as optoelectronic glass, liquid crystal glass, display glass, mobile phone glass and conventional glass. All kinds of shapes can be cut at one time. The cutting efficiency is high, the precision is good, the finished product rate is high and the operation is simple and convenient. No technical requirements for operators. You can cut all kinds of shapes at will. Can work with ultra thin glass loading machine, to achieve ultra thin glass loading, cutting, breaking assembly line operation.

This machine is 1 cutter cutting.  Also could with 3 or 5 cutters (can be customized).

02Laminated Glass Cutting Machine

National standard square pipe welding frame. Synchronous belt transmission system. PLC and imported electrical components, stepper motor, LCD display, man-machine interface, more convenient operation, stable performance. Cutting speed can be set directly. The cutting positions of the upper and lower cutter heads are consistent, the matching degree is high, and the breaking piece is easy.

1. The cutting positions of the upper and lower cutter heads are consistent

2. Upper cutter with broken wheel, automatically press the lower layer of glass;

3. When the next lever is broken, there is a pneumatic pressure to ensure the effect of breaking

03CNC Glass Cutting Line

Equipment composition:  glass loading machine(mechanical)+ CNC glass cutting machine+ air floating breaking machine


Customized Machine, ODM, OEM

Professional customization

Ingenuity, creating a one-stop supplier of glass deep processing equipment;

Designer team, listening to needs, providing solutions

Each type of equipment has a variety of models to choose from, and the product covers various areas of glass deep processing


Factory Price, One-Stop Service

Give you the greenest, most energy-efficient machine

All equipments are supplied by manufacturers, give users the greatest benefits

One-stop supply Customers are certainly trustworthy


Branded Accessories, Quality Guaranteed

Give you the most efficient, fastest and most professional engineering services

Convergence industry first-line technical personnel leading brand manufacturers top products

Represents the development direction of domestic glass production and processing technology. The brand is quality.


Professional Service

Win the value with quality and win the customer with service

For each machine equipped with a dedicated technical engineer, perfect pre-sale, sales, after-sale professional service system;

Provide information consulting services; welcome to visit the processing plant and witness the production process of each machine.

The system introduces the product's performance, features, comparisons, and recommendations for the user's equipment;


SY-1311 automatic thin glass cutting machine

Here is machine video 

SY-4028 Glass cutting line

Here is machine Video 

SY-500 lenses washing machine

Here is machine video 

SY-2500-9 horizontail 9 spindle glass grinding machine

Here is the machine video 

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Anhui Ruilong Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. is a senior enterprise specializing in the production of glass machinery. It is a new type enterprise integrating scientific research, new product development, production, sales and technical services.

The company has advanced technology, production technology and business model. R & D design and production of products: automatic glass, semi-automatic, manual cutting machine; bilateral, unilateral, cabinet door special glass edging machine; ordinary, curvature, ultra-thin and other cleaning machines; automatic rounding line; glass Rods, bricks, tubes, bottles, utensils, and optical material cutting machines; glass chamfering machines; glass turntables; glass punching machines. Our products are used in the cutting, cleaning and edging of buildings, electrical appliances, electronics, optical glass, microcrystalline glass, glass furniture, glassware, and glass handicrafts.

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The status of glass machinery industry

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